Sunday, June 3, 2012

MyNetFone on Android mobile

I have used MyNetFone quite successfully over the last few years as my main home phone to make external calls. My phone bills are under control and the call connection and quality has been satisfactory. However, installing it on a mobile has always ended in a flop..... until now.

I called MyNetFone helpdesk this morning and was advised to install Sipdroid app instead of MyNetFone app (which only worked on older versions of Android, I was told). Sipdroid is fantastic! there are a lot of features, for e.g.
1. I can call up numbers from my address book
2. I can set preferences for voice quality
3. I can record calls automatically to SD card
4. I can make video calls even (I haven't tried that)
5. In the US you can integrate with Google Voice and make free calls entirely.
6. I can set connection preferences (such as using Sipdroid whenever I within wifi range; I don't subscribe to 3G)

Sipdroid works with any mobile phone if you know how to set it up. I don't. But here is how to set it up if you have signed up for a MyNetFone account.
a. Install Sipdroid app on your mobile.
b. Once installed, open Sipdroid and press on menu button and go to Settings>>SIP Account.
c. For Authorization Username, enter your MyNetFone number. Then enter Password (both given when you register with MyNetFone.
d. For Server or Proxy, enter "".

Exit and start calling. It is that easy!

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