Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My collection of Nokia phones

It just dawned upon me that I do have quite a colourful collection of Nokia phones.

My latest acquisition is the orange one, the Lumia 530, which I got for a bargain basement price of just AUD39 a few days ago. It has the latest Windows 8.1 mobile operating system. It is minimalist in design, yet equipped with all the essentials like GPS, wifi, bluetooth, memory card slot, etc. The processor and display are not cutting edge, but good enough to please the down-to-earth-practical me. This is my foray back into using a smartphone after deliberately abandoning smartphones for a year.

Yes, a year ago I gave up my Samsung S2 for the yellow Nokia Asha 210. The Asha 210 has a rudimentary capability in the areas of wifi, camera, web, Whatsapp and Facebook; all of which I rarely put to use due to poor performance. In a twisted way, that helped wean me off smartphone addiction, while I grew to love the alarm clock (works even when powered off), calendar (never missed any appointment), keyboard (helps when you don't have a smartphone keyboard), and 3-4 days battery life. It also has dual SIM, which is great for travelling.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blind woman's discrimination claim against Coles

There is a report in today's papers that a blind is filing a discrimination claim against Coles Supermarket because she couldn't do her online shopping anymore after some software upgrades. This woman is legally, but not completely, blind.

My say: I think some people are using the word "discrimination" indiscriminately. The woman is demanding that Coles caters to her special needs on the website. Does Coles have a sinister plan to single out this woman to discriminate against? Imagine if a lawsuit were brought up by everyone with special needs, against every website, there would be absolute chaos. I cannot imagine that any judge will take the lawsuit seriously. Very soon we may have people claiming discrimination because they don't qualify for a credit card to make online purchases. We may have obese people crying foul because the retailer does not carry extra, extra large sizes. We may have religious groups claiming discrimination because the website displays items offensive to their beliefs. The list is endless.

Click here if you want the full report: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-11-05/blind-woman-launches-court-action-against-coles-over-its-website/5869874