Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google launches Chrome browser

Good for Google. Good for the rest of us, as there's one more choice of browser. However, it has suddenly dawned on me that while Chrome, Opera, and Firefox are all free browsers, can we say the same for Internet Explorer?

IE is bundled into the OS that Microsoft is selling for a very high price. If Microsoft is willing to sell each individual application separately, surely it cannot justify the astronomical sticker price. I would be happy to pay, say US$29.99 (somehow retailers like "99") for a stripped down, bare-essential XP. Then I will install all the freeware to run virus protection, disk defragmenter, multimedia player, picture viewer, CD burner, etc. Many of the freeware are as good, if not better, than Microsoft's. People are paying good money for nothing, because they cannot buy just the bare essential OS. Microsoft would like the market to think they get all the extras for free, but are they free? Governments should force Microsoft to breakdown the individual applications and allow consumers to pick and choose what they want to buy.

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