Monday, October 20, 2008

Nikon D90 and multimedia photography

The newly introduced Nikon D90 sets a milestone in digital photography for the serious photographer by being the first DSLR to have high definition video mode, along with Live View. These two features have been established in all digicams, but this is the first for a DSLR, and a trailblazer for all the other manufacturers. Many serious photographers play down the usefulness of video mode in a high end camera. Perhaps they fail to accept the birth of "multimedia photography". While the introduction of multimedia has been quietly taking place in digicams, the D90 has formally introduced true professionalism to the game.

Commercial grade video requires professional equipment; certainly not the kind you get with a consumer-level video camera. While photography is relatively inexpensive, videography is both expensive and time consuming. In between these two, "multimedia photography" incorporates both conventional photography and videography techniques to produce a new art form that can be embraced by a digital photographer who is keen to expand the boundaries of photography.

The D90 makes it possible to create extremely high quality video clips alongside high quality images without spending a bomb on professional video equipment. Using inexpensive slideshow software (vis-a-vis video editing software), it is possible to create short artshows complete with audio, still images, and video. Examples of such artshows can be viewed at Welcome to multimedia photography!!

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