Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My first visit to Knox Photographic Society

Tonight I dropped in on my first visit to the KPS (Knox Photographic Society). It was everything I expected. There were about 60 people at the meeting, which is held on alternate Wednesdays. I liked what I saw: lots of people who have a genuine passion for photography, a lot of activities to encourage development of skills, and friendly people who just love to talk shop. I can see my interest in photography getting a big "shot" in the arm (pun intended). I can't imagine why I waited so long for this to come along. It was quite by chance that I decided to surf the internet to look for a club nearby.

At tonight's meeting, some of the members brought along their favourite photos to show. Some were in prints, some slides, and some were just soft copies projected from a laptop onto a a screen. After that, there was a half hour slideshow of this year's winning entries to the APS (Australian Photographic Society). The pictures were truly beautiful and inspiring. Suddenly I find myself inspired to set a new goal and a new purpose for my hobby: to make a winning entry to the APS some day!

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