Monday, February 16, 2009

My conversion to LPG

It took me a long time to convince myself to convert my Camry to run on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Now that I have done it, I wonder why I had such a huge mental block about LPG. The bottom line is: on my first refuel today, I paid a mere AUD$16.20 to fill up the LPG tank after clocking 390km of regular driving. Normally I would have paid about AUD$65 at today's price of AUD$1.19 per litre of unleaded petrol.

It cost me AUD$299 to do the conversion, after deducting the AUD$2000 rebate given by the government. With a saving of AUD$50 per week, I can recover my investment in 6 weeks. What a deal!

Barring any unforseen problems, my first week of driving on LPG has been a pleasant experience. My Camry has a 2.4lit engine; I do not perceive any loss of power running on LPG. Driving is as smooth as it was on petrol. I give a full thumbs up to LPG! It feels good to know that I can fight back at the ridiculous prices the bowsers are still charging. Although crude oil has dropped to US$35 per barrel, we are stil paying AUD$1.19-1.29 at the pump for unleaded petrol.

Note: the price of LPG seems to vary greatly between bowsers. At this time, for example, most places charge 52c per litre, while a couple I have seen have been charging 38c per litre all through the week.

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