Sunday, March 15, 2009

Introducing you to my online albums

You may have noticed on this blog site that I have 3 links under my Blog List. The three albums are quite different in nature and they appeal to my different photography needs. I love to take pictures but not all of them can be suitably contained in one album.

Hence I have:
1. The Photo Gallery. This is where I put specially selected pictures that I am very happy with from the aesthetics point of view. I do a bit of Photoshop work on these where necessary.

2. Holiday Shots. This is the typically family album, meant to record life's happy moments. Minimal amount of photoshop done, including cropping. Pictures may not conform to standard rules of composition, but that does not bother me.

3. The Photo Blog. This is a chronologically arranged "photo journal-cum-caption" type of shots. Except for a short period of experimentation, all the pictures here are un-edited photos taken with a mobile phone. The mobile phone gives me the ability to shoot whenever my heart desires. Key word here is spontaneity.

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