Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watching the skilled migration intake numbers

I am a migrant myself, who came to Australia on a skilled migration visa. Therefore I read with interest what the government has to say about skilled migration. Changes in the immigration numbers can mean a lot to people people who are currently just marginally eligible for migration. In this year's new budget proposal, it is said that there will be a further skilled migration cuts with a cap of 108,000 migrants, down 25,400 spots. This 25% reduction DOES NOT mean that the chances of obtaining a skilled migrant visa will drop by 25%. A reduction usually means that the points will be raised, in the points system for eligibility. And this is where the big deal is. In reality, if a person had just enough point before the intake reduction, then tightening of the points system will basically exclude him altogether.

Some will bemoan the loss of opportunity for family members or friends to migrate here. Others will welcome a reduced competition in the job market. Whatever your inclination is, it is safest to take the middle ground, because this is a very debatable issue and can potentially turn sour in a dinner conversation.

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