Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Creativity is unique to humans

Many of us like to create something. It can start off with an idea or it can appear spontaneously. When you get that magic moment you have to express yourself. You have to let the creative juice flow. You allow your idea to take shape or form. It may be a piece of music (if you play an instrument), a poem (if you are a poet), or a painting (if you paint). Creativity is unique to humans for as long as humans exist; and no one has ever discovered any prehistoric drawings made by an animal. Yet while humans were still preoccupied primarily with seeking food and shelter, they already have a proclivity for creative arts like cave drawings, music and dance. The ability to be creative did not come into being as a result of humans getting more sophisticated; rather it has always been in the human nature. In the same way too, it has never been in the animal nature to produce a work of art.

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