Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seeing differently

Many have written and expressed their views about how the Chinese and Indian communities in Malaysia are continually discriminated against in Malaysia. I reserve my comments here, as what I want to do here is to present a different perspective, while not condemning or condoning what others have said enough about already.

Consider this perspective: if we remove all talks about racial discrimination, we can concentrate on seeing Malaysia as a "corporation". What kind of CEO do we see? Is the management team effective in achieving the goals of the corporation? As a general public, do we want to invest in the company? Why or why not? Is Malaysia in danger of deflation or stagnation? Is the "corporation" spending more money that it earns? Is it borrowing money that it has no ability to repay? Is it selling off its prized asset in order to pay the management team big bonuses?

Many who emigrate from the country cite reasons of racial discrimination. However, I think that an equally strong motivation is pure and simple economics. I am only surprised that most people choose to dwell on the first reason, rather than discuss the second.

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Michael Ng said...

So you are here only for economical reason first?

For the young freshly graduates, yes, I would agree it could be more for economical reasons but for family man, its a whole bag of different reasons.

Sorry I beg to disagree. You, a family man and like many others, came here to give your children a better equal opportunity to compete on even ground. In the first place, why should a person uproot himself totally, and having to take risk, sell everything, give up all things he have enjoyed & the comfort zone to venture & adapt into another totally unknown different enviroment to start all over again? It's not easy living in the shadow of racial discrimination in education, economical opportunities and subtle religious persecution in many forms.