Saturday, December 18, 2010

Democracy in the developed world

The developed countries generally think of themselves as defenders of the democracy. In a way that is correct; these countries make sure that everyone has the right to vote and every vote carries equal weight. Apart from the voting machinery, these countries are anything but democratic - in my opinion.

A democratic system is supposed to make decisions that favour the wishes of the majority of the population. These days, the population only choose who they want to represent them and the people voted in office quite often do things contrary to the wishes of the majority of the people. True democracy has long ceased to exist. Countries are now run according to the wishes of Big Supermarkets, Big Banks, Big Miners, and Big Mouths.

As for the individuals, yes they still have a voice. It is called Individual Rights. When you wield this weapon, it doesn't matter if the majority of the population is pissed. The odd ones are appeased. Think of shutting down Christmas music in public places, so that "individual rights" are preserved. Is that democracy?

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