Sunday, September 4, 2011

Father's Day message

At church today, the speaker said that non-Christians view our God by the way we live. We can sing and proclaim God's love for all we want, but does the life we lead display the love of God we preach?

As it is Father's Day today, I think the above also applies to Father's Day and Mother's Day. I've always had some reservations about celebrating these occasions. I believe Father's Day and Mother's Day should be observed everyday, not once a year. If a person does not show love and respect for his parents in his day-to-day life, simply wishing his parents on one day a year actually amounts to nought.

There is an old country song called Roses for Mama. It is about a man who was just going to send some flowers to his mother when he met a little boy at the flower shop. What happened next will really touch your heart. If you have not heard it before, listen to it on the Youtube: .

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