Friday, October 28, 2011

Earthquake survivors after 100 hours

It has been a hundred hours since the earthquake in Turkey struck. Survivors are still being rescued from underneath the rubble. The thought that occurs to me is the ordeal of being trapped for that long.

Imagine being unable to keep warm; not knowing day or night; and not hearing any voices for days. Imagine you have no room to even move a limb - solitary confinement in a prison cell is a luxury in comparison. Now imagine you cannot even scratch an itch. To endure an itch even for a few minutes is enough to drive many insane,try enduring for100 hours. The mental torture of being trapped in a tightly confined space is just unimaginable to me. Count your blessings every day and appreciate what you have: your health, clean air, warm bed, your liberty, food on the table... etc, etc.

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