Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A charming place for breakfast

Young people love to hang out for coffee in the local shops along Kingsway. It is nice to sit on the sidewalk and watch people passing by. However, I am not young anymore. I prefer a more interesting ambiance where I can also enjoy peace and tranquility among people who appreciate the same.

One of these places is the tea house at Jell's Park. It has big glass windows looking into the park. People come in from their morning walk or simply meet up with friends for a chat. They are mostly older people or young mothers with their charge. Another place is the cafe at the Monash Library. There is a pubic library and an art gallery; two places where you will find unhurried people who are just interested in immersing themselves in the sublime world. Recently I found another place nearby. It is a little church cafe which serves coffee, scones and muffins. There is a church library and a bookstore. If you are by yourself, you can help yourselves to some of the books and do a little reading while enjoying the coffee.

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Anonymous said...

glad you enjoy it ym....lets go there togathet sometimes. mal