Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I think of Windows 8 tablet

Windows 8 is coming to tablets. Acer and Lenovo have just announced plans to launch a Windows 8 tablet in Q3 2012. Back in Mircrosoft's heydays the competition would have trembled at the onslaught of the Microsoft juggernaut. These days, such an announcement comes with hardly a whimper.

Windows 8 to a tablet is what Phone 7 is to the mobile phone. The likelihood of success is slim. But hey, Microsoft has lots of cash to burn; yours and mine. Their stranglehold on the PC is still very strong. They can dictate the toll we pay into the Microsoft coffer, directly or indirectly, for the PC is still the workhorse running practically every business on the planet.

Rantings out of the way now, here is why I think Windows 8 is not going to make it, even with Bluestacks promising to make Windows run apps just like we are all accustomed to. The simple reason is battery life and apps performance. My guess is that Windows 8 is going to be much more CPU- and memory- intensive to run than Android or IOS. That is going to drive cost up. Power consumption is going to be high; battery life and overheating will be hot issues; literally. Finally, Android tablets running on the same CPU and RAM resources will probably outperform a Windows 8 tablet by a mile. This is my dire prediction for the fate of Windows 8 tablet.

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