Friday, February 10, 2012

Camera: Panasonic GF1 vs Canon S95

(While on holiday, I started to write a blog on this subject using my mobile phone. It was slow and awkward. Then I accidentally hit the SEND button and published it prematurely. Here, I'll re-write the intended blog)

On my recent trip to Malaysia I had a wonderful time playing with two of the top cameras on my drool list. I got to know both cameras thoroughly and tested all the features to my heart's content, until the batteries went flat. While the S95 was as good as all the reviews claim, the GF1 won my heart. But neither won my pocket and I am still faithfully attached to my D90.

Here's why I literally couldn't put the GF1 down once I started. With the 50mm f2.0 lens mounted, I found it delightful and easy to handle. The shots were all beautifully rendered on the high resolution LCD display. It was easy to get shallow depth of field when I wanted that. There was no zoom lens to play with, but I did not find this a letdown. I was pleased with one shot after another. The artistic mode provided some useful effects that were really fun to use, although I did tire of using this mode after a while.

The S95 proved to be supreme in the supercompact camera class. Images were beautifully rendered and it was hard to find fault with it. Understandably, depth of field was not as good as in the larger-sensored GF1. Also, manual controls were fewer, as expected of supercompact cameras. Truly the S95 is an excellent camera, but the GF1 covers a wider range of creative shooting, which bodes better for me.

So, why don't I forsake the D90 for one of these beauties? I had difficulty letting go of the GF1 but when it comes to serious business, my D90 gives me all the controls and capabilities I need, and more. In other words, these beauties are fun to use but will not contribute to making better images for me, like what a full-frame camera will. Hence, I'll stick to my gun and shoot with D90.... for now.

New on my drool list..... the new Canon G1X.

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