Thursday, May 17, 2012

Epson Workforce 645

I bought an HP print-scan-copy inkjet printer many years ago. The model is HP PSC 2310. It has served me flawlessly ( major catastrophe) for nearly ten years now and I am still using it to print, scan, and copy documents. I cannot recall how much I paid for it, but it must be about AUD$200 back then.

A few years later I bought a mono laser printer. It is an HP 1012. It is still in use after seven long years.

Both printers are still as good as the day I bought them and are still in constant use. The only reason to ever retire them is when I have to upgrade my Windows Xp to something newer. They have been around so long that the required software drivers are no longer provided by HP.

Recently I took an interest to look at the current crop of printers. It is amazing how the prices have come down! A monochrome laser printer can be had for less than $50, while a multifunction inkjet printer can also be had for even less.

Going upmarket a little, I narrowed my search to the Epson Workforce 645. The main features are:
print-scan-copy-fax; wireless and wired connection; double sided printing (duplex); auto document feed (ADF); 4 separate ink cartridges for black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

What else I like about the Epson 645:
The body is matte, not shiny; the ADF can be folded up when not in use, giving a nice covered top; print straight from a mobile as well as normal PC; special Connect Email Print app (i.e. can print remotely simply by emailing a document to the printer).

I am sure there are other printers that are quite similar in feature and price. But as of now, I am already more than happy with what I am seeing to want to search any further. Not when I can get so much of a printer for just AUD$149.

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John Locke said...

Epson Printers are usually low capacity printers the Cartridge Set Pack for Epson's printers are not compatible with other brands.