Saturday, June 9, 2012

A bright app for a smartphone

This app is no flash in the pan.  A simple torch app (or "flashlight", as the Americans would have it) is something everybody should install in his smartphone. I can remember many instances when I would have found a torch light to be very useful.

When I was young, I lived in a part of town with no street light. I used to walk home under the moonlight, treading carefully on a narrow path and simply remembering where all the uneven surfaces were. A torch app in a smartphone would have been very, very useful indeed.

A few years back I installed an LED sensor light at the entrance of my house because it was too dark to see the keyhole. I even considered getting a little torch to attach to my key chain just for that purpose.

I can think of many reasons why a regular torch light would be very useful to have, but not critical enough that many people would be bothered with it. But a torch as an app in the smartphone? That would be a bright idea indeed. Think of the time when you were on a holiday somewhere, and you just needed a light at night to go to the bathroom. Or driving in the middle of nowhere when your car breaks down.... Or when you needed to check the map..... 

"Flashlight" is the name of the app I have just installed on my smartphone. While some similar apps light up the display screen, this app uses the LED flash instead. using the LED flash is better, because I don't feel good about my display being stressed to excessive brightness (whether rightly or wrongly). So go and install this app on your smartphone. You'll thank me for it one day.

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