Friday, November 9, 2012

Packaging in style

Good packaging implies that due care and attention is given to the product. I recently bought a used DSLR (the Nikon D700) on eBay. The packaging was as sloppy as it could get. As soon as I saw the parcel, my heart sank. Sure, the camera was bubblewrapped for protection; carelessly, I might add. Yes, all the components were delivered as expected. The camera came in a patched up D90 box (not even the original D700 box). This box was placed in a much larger mailing box, with a completely unopened roll of bubble wrap thrown in, in a lame attempt as stuffing material. The good news is that the camera is working fine after some rigorous shootings. But I'll never forget the callous attitude of the person who shipped the item to me.

So here is a lesson for Christmas, if you are buying a gift for someone: wrap the gift with lots of love and seal it with a kiss wrap the gift with due care and attention if you want it to convey that you do care about the gift and the person receiving it.

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