Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Renewing the Malaysian passport in Melbourne

Recently I took my wife to the new Malaysian consulate on St.Kilda Road to renew her passport. Here is what you need to know.

The address is: Level 1, 432 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne.
Tel: (613) 9573 5400

Map link:
Roadside ticketed parking is quite ample when we were there at 9am on a Monday.

What you need to bring:
(a) Your old passport and your Malaysian identity card.

(b) 2 photos. See requirements:

(c) Photocopies. Make 2 photocopies of the passport (just the photo page), 2 copies of the Australian visa page, and 2 copies of the front and 2 copies of the back of the Malaysian i/c.

If you don't have your photos, you can take the photo there for AUD$10 at the vending machine. If you forgot to bring photocopies of your documents, you can do the photocopying there for AUD$1 per page.

How long it takes:
We obtained and filled out the form at the consulate itself. Including wait time, we spent a total of 1 hour there. We were told to go back in 3 weeks' time to pick up the new passport.


jikon said...

Thanks for this post. I need to head to the consulate to renew my passport and I wonder if you might clarify a few more points.

1. Are appointments necessary? Can we just 'drop in'?

2. When I was back in Malaysia recently, I was told that the passport photos now need to have a white background, not blue. Do you know if that is the case here in Melbourne?

3. Can payment be made with a credit card? Or does it have to be in cash?

Finally, out of curiosity, was there a crowd for passport renewal when you were at the consulate?

Chern said...

Thakns for ur info, very helpful.
few more questions other than those Jikon already asked...
1) those photocopied documents, do they have to be certified?
2) did they return your old passport?

Sue Lin said...

Thanks for the info!
$1 per copy is insane. I knew Malaysian embassy would do that. Hardly any Aussie places require photocopies these days, only Malaysian stuff. I already did my copies at home before reading ur post

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the $1/copy warning. Is anybody else finding this website as confusing and challenging as I am?


IdawatiRozita Khalid said...

Thanks for the info!
It's very helpful..