Monday, December 16, 2013

Google Translate and the Tower of Babel

I recently received an email, written to me in English, but it was really meant for my mother who could only read Mandarin.

So I went to the Chrome Store and located the Google Translate app. It is installed as an extension on my Chrome browser. I opened up the said email and simply clicked on the translate extension. A menu bar appears on top of the screen and gives me the option to translate the page in any language at all. Changing the page to Chinese, I handed my notebook to my mother and she was able to read for herself. Apparently the translation is pretty accurate, judging by the fact that my mother didn't show any puzzled look. I am impressed!

Google Translate has just broken down the language barrier. If you don't consider this epic enough, you must read Genesis 11:1-9 (The Tower of Babel). God confused the language of man so that they could not complete building the tower. Have we just usurped God's action?

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