Thursday, February 8, 2018

An app for passport photo

There are many similar apps in the Google Play Store. I just happened to try out the one that is called "Passport Photo Editor", developed by Dak Bhavan (in case you are interested to give it a try).

The app allows you to pick the dimensions as required for any number of countries. The huge list provided probably covers any country you want. Using it is a breeze. All you need is to find a background that meets the background colour required of the passport photo.

The example below was a selfie that I took against a plain coloured wall, in ordinary ambient light. It took less than a minute to create the 6-photo jpeg image; at no less than my very first try.

I took it to Harvey Norman this afternoon. I transferred the image from my smartphone to the kiosk, paid 20 cents for the print, and voila! The size of the passport photo came out exactly 35mm x 45mm, and the size of the face exactly meets the requirements for an Australian passport photo.  By the way, it costs AUD$16.95 to have this done at a post office, so it is definitely worth trying out.


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