Thursday, April 23, 2009

This phone call may be recorded....

When you call a service center, you will probably hear a recording saying that the call may be recorded for training purposes. I have often wondered what they really do with the recordings. I would like to think that this is to ensure that the call center employee provides a courteous service to the customer.

However, after encountering a few instances of unacceptable service over the phone in the past, I am beginning to doubt the above. I now suspect that the recording is done to ensure that the customer does not try to be funny with the company. They can actually hold you to your words if you are not careful about what you say. Now, supposing you are able to record the phone conversation on your side. When the call center tells you that your call "may be recorded for training purposes", tell the person that you are also recoding the conversation for your own "training purpose". It may be interesting to see what the person has to say to that.

Alternatively, when the call center person says "this phone call may be recorded", you respond by saying "I agree; we may record this call" and then proceed to record the conversation without letting the other party know. If challenged about your recording, you have already covered yourself by declaring upfront "We may record this call". Er.... excuse, me... would you care to repeat what you just said? Oh don't worry, I already have it on tape.

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Show said...

Seen that done before when someone had a dispute with paypal.

Most call center operators only dare to do what they are paid to do (and/or any voluntary display of arrogance/ authority) because they take solace (however misplaced it is) in the knowledge they are not accountable.