Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I want for my birthday

Yes, my birthday is coming up. I guess you can call 50 years a significant milestone. Admit it; it is not easy to buy anyone a present that would truly thrill him or her in this age of material abundance. Now, what would I want from my children, if I could wish for something?

I did think of something I would truly, greatly treasure. I just want an expression of love and filial piety. A simple note in a simple card will do. It has to come from the heart. An acknowledgment for the years of sacrifice; yes, that would be nice. A renewed willingness to listen to parental advice (even if there is no intention to obey) would be flattering. How about a pledge to be a good son/daughter who is willing to take care of me in years to come when I could no longer take care of myself? Yes, just a simple note from the heart would be the greatest birthday gift my children could give me, even year after year.

One additional thought.... perhaps that little note could come with a promise of something really nice and expensive.... yes, I'll settle for a dream gift anytime; and I do mean it literally.

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