Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back on the internet

It is good to be back. What is it like to be without the internet for 2 weeks? You'll have to try it to see what modern life is like without the internet. For me, I felt like I was in detention class. I did miss writing a blog now and then. When a thought worth sharing comes to mind, it soon evaporates when not put into blog immediately.

I missed using my VOIP phone. Or rather, I missed the cheap calls I could make with VOIP.
I missed getting all the online news, and being "connected" with friends on email.

Well, in the last 2 weeks, I upgraded my computer to Quad Core. I have not really tested how much faster I could do my video rendering on this new upgrade as compared with my previous 4 year old duo core processor. However, the real attraction of the upgrade was the Express Gate feature that came with the new Asus motherboard. This enables me to turn on a Linux-based browser in 5 sec from bootup. It is just a fun thing, but not really a killer function. So don't go upgrading your computer just to get this feature.

As for whether my new service provider TPG is better than iPrimus, my first day on TPG hasn't been great. Lot of service interruptions. Good thing I only signed up for a year. I know many of my friends say they are happy with TPG. perhaps the area they live in that's less problematic than mine. I cartainly can't give TPG a good recommendation. In comparison, iPrimus wasn't that bad, other than costing a little bit more.

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