Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An armour of protection

In my last blog (see "A country run by big businesses") I mentioned the futility of trying to get redress from an irresponsible organization. I related the electricity box incident to a friend today and he echoed what I have always felt. Since he verbalized it so succinctly, I shall give credit to him as I try to reproduce what he said.

First of all, we must recognize that in life there is a small number of things for which we cannot do anything about. We just have to accept it, even though it goes against our principle or our sense of justice. The best we can do is to built up an "armour of protection", as my friend put it. There are three ways to do it. One: Learn to grin and bear it. Two: Be rich and powerful. Then little things like that won't bother you anymore. Three: Rise above the other guy; then you can kick his butt.

This is wisdom gained from many years of life's experience. I have gone through my share of it. Choosing to walk away instead of seeking justice does not mean you are a coward or you agree to be trampled over. Life is just like that. As my friend said, every now and then we will come across something that we can do nothing about. You just have to put on your armour of protection.

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