Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Identity fraud right under your nose

Have you ever received messages from Facebook, Yahoo, or any other social networking services that says: "xxx would like to connect with you on Yahoo!7 so you can easily share each other's Updates", or "xxx became a fan of Photographer on Facebook and suggested you become a fan too"?

Government regulatory agencies should scrutinize the deeds of these organizations because what they are doing amounts to identity fraud. They want you to believe that a good friend of yours is interested to "connect" with you. By such means (akin to a pyramid scheme), they can expand their user base exponentially. That is how Facebook has achieved phenomenal success in a short time. Many people are likely to believe that the message is genuinely sent by someone they know. Imagine how compelling it is when the message is purportedly sent by someone close to you, or by the hottest girl in school, or by someone you secretly admire. Surely what Facebook and others are similarly doing is nothing short of identity fraud. Why aren't they stopped?

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