Sunday, July 18, 2010

Asus repair center in Melbourne

If you are using your laptop for work, how long can you afford to be without one? I sent my son's laptop for repair at the (one and only) Asus service center in Melbourne. When I handed it in I was told I would be contacted within a few days after they have made an initial assessment on what was wrong. Exactly one week of silence later, I called to find out. This time I was told it would be "up to 10 working days" for them to call.

Having used a laptop in my work for many years, I know it is very hard to be without the computer for even a few days, let alone to wait for 2 weeks (i.e. 10 working days) just to get an initial assessment report. I wonder if Asus' management knows about this.

There is really nothing a consumer can do about the service level except to take his business elsewhere. I have long admired Asus for their EeePC innovation and have always looked at it as the benchmark for netbook. However, with this experience, I think I won't be so quick to recommend it anymore. At least, not in Melbourne.

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