Monday, July 5, 2010

Video lessons on the internet

Many of us would have probably forgotten that not so many years ago it was quite cumbersome to share video content over the internet. The internet speed was prohibitively slow and expensive, not to mention the quality of the video, and the difficulty of video production. These days, you can get a pretty decent videocam for less than $150 (e.g. the Flip videocam). Plus, the process of publishing on the internet has become much less cumbersome.

So the day of video lessons has finally arrived. To have a tutor at your disposal and to be able to replay the same lesson over and over again until you master it; isn't that a big boon for education? As I browsed through the books on Photoshop at Borders today, my mind kept going back to the video tutorials. Learning Photoshop, in particular, is best done through video tutorial as it can convey the "touch and feel" of it. You can find so many Photoshop lessons on the Youtube and they are all free. Or, you can buy photography magazines and many of them come with a DVD that usually has video tutorials. If you are keen to learn Photoshop, don't waste your money buying books or going for classes. Go to Youtube. You will probably find lots of lessons on other hobbies too: knitting, guitaring, painting, etc. To me, this is one of the most exciting part of the information age: to be able to access and use information, and to go further than one has ever gone before!

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