Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why the week passes so fast

It is just one more week to go before Christmas Eve. One week passes very fast. It is not our fault that whoever invented the calendar decided that one week should only have seven days instead of ten.

We are all very tuned to the metric system.We count dollars and cents in 10's. We count objects in 10's. In the supermarket, many things are bundled in 10's or even 12's, but not 7's. That is why one week seems to pass so fast. I have to put my garbage bins out every Tuesday. It seems like a very short time between Tuesdays. I attend the camera club meetings every Wednesday. It seems like before one week is up, the other sets in. Do you get the feeling that you are always behind on something? Blame it on the calendar. There should be ten days in a week instead of seven.

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