Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trend of photographic techniques

 In his article* "Does DxOMark Matter?", Michael Johnston, the publisher of The Online Photographer says:
".... it's important to understand that, roughly speaking, the entire history of photographic techniques, with a couple of important sidesteps, has been a steady march toward greater convenience, not greater quality."

I recommend that you read this article (see link below), if you are one of those photographers who will only feel comfortable if they have the best equipment on hand.

With this thought in mind (that photographic techniques is constantly marching towards greater convenience) it is easy to believe that compact SLR's like the Sony NEX-es or the Panasonic GF-es will gain more and more use among professionals and enthusiasts.

The other trend I would like to see is that mobile phone cameras improve to the same quality level as a good point-and-shoot camera. For convenience, what can beat a camera phone?


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