Monday, April 2, 2012

Kindle or iPad3?

With so much iPad fanfare going on, it is hard not to tug at the heart string (and purse string). The iPad 3 is especially alluring to me. Sporting the finest LCD display, coupled with one of the best cameras on a mobile device; it certainly would appeal to any photographer. With a hefty battery and a powerful CPU, wouldn't that leave the Kindle looking wretched by comparison?

Yet despite its lack of cutting-edge specs and a glowing display, the Kindle is still a winner, the way I reckon. It is still the best reading device, if you are into reading and not web-browsing. I pre-load my newspapers and magazines into my Kindle and I can read for hours without worrying about dropped connections or slow internet speed. The Kindle is still lighter than any tablet or iPad, and the battery life lasts for weeks and not hours. I am still an ardent fan of the Kindle. No iPad or PC tablet can ever replace the pure reading experience.

And yes, the Kindle and the iPad/tablets are quite different animals. The more advanced the iPad/tablets get, the more obvious this becomes. A good reading device does not have to have a powerful CPU, or a big battery to run a power-hungry LCD display.

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