Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo exhibition in Warragul

I went to see a photo exhibition today in Warragul. The images are from a recent state competition  organized by the Warragul Camera Club. I quite liked a couple of the black&white images, which I took pictures of using my phone camera. The picture of a woman looking out of the window was taken in Salzburg, which caught my attention because my wife was there last year. The other black&white shot is surreal. The cloud appears as a flying saucer to me. It is very out of this world.

The winning shot in the whole competition is that of an old woman, titled "Sad". She immediately struck me as a witch. The picture certainly has an impact, but I really did not like the idea behind the shot. I don't mean any offence to the photographer or to anyone shooting similar images, but doesn't this demean the character of the person? When I take a portrait of someone, I want it to be a flattering image of his/her real self. In this case, I cannot see how this image can be flattering to the old woman. That is just my personal opinion.

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