Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Safety measures on a ski slope

Local authorities go to absurd lengths to ensure all possible safety precautions are implemented. For example, you must have a fence around a swimming pool, regardless of whether there is a need for it or not. The Ocean King restaurant is not allowed to operate its dim sum business because the tables are too crowded; a supposedly fire hazard.. The list goes on and on. On a ski slope, however, all precautions are thrown to the wind. It is said that on Mt Hotham alone, there is an average of 6 accidents a day on the ski slope.

I am not a skier, but it confounds me to see that there are lots of opportunities (or loss of opportunities?) to implement safety measures. Where is the local council when you need them? For example, foam paddings could be placed around trees and other solid obstacles. Nets or cushions could be placed in strategic areas to catch a skier that has lost controls while making a turn. I wish our ski operators would do more to make the ski slopes more accident free. Perhaps we should send some of our local council members for a safety tour of the place.

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