Monday, August 6, 2012

Apple v. Samsung trial

There is an ongoing court battle with Apple suing Samsung for copying the design of Apples smartphone. Apple's lawsuit against Samsung is totally absurd. Can anyone claim copyright over the looks of an electrical or electronic product?

When I walk into an electrical shop, all the TV's look the same to me. I cannot tell a Samsung TV apart from a Sony TV unless I go near enough to look at the label, or unless I already know what subtle differences to look for.

When I go to the laptop section, again all of them look the same to me. Even Apple's laptops are not much different from others and I wouldn't be able to tell them apart if they were not displayed in a different section.

The same argument for receivers, DVD players, house phones, etc. So, how can Apple claim exclusivity in how their rectangular tablet and mobile phone looks? I used to admire Apple as a technology company, which can magically conjure up the most innovative products. But if creating a new product line means nobody else can follow (note: not copy; not pirate), then PLEASE, the world will be better off without Apple.

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