Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My little camera shootout

I passed by a Harvey Norman shop last week and I saw an attractive looking camera on sale for AUD$52. I was really tempted to buy one just because it was too good to pass. I thought about this the whole week: how many people really need to have anything more than just an ordinary camera for 99% of their shooting needs? I am talking about happy snappers, of course. Think of people on vacation, parents photographing their babies, and grandparents recording every visit of their grandchildren. In such cases, will a very entry-level digicam suffice, or does one really need a mid-range or a high-end camera?

To satisfy my curiosity, I used three different cameras to shoot the same image under the same lighting condition. This is not a scientific experiment. I simply put all the settings to auto, focused on the same point, and tried to maintain the same focal distance and viewing angle. All the images shown here have not been post-processed or cropped in any way. They have only been sized down for posting to this blog.

Conclusion: All three images are sharp and the colours are good enough, although I must say the image from the 7 year old Canon Ixus looks less vibrant than the other two. I am satisfied now that I have a good reason to believe that most people do not really need anything more than a simple camera these days.

Image 1: Nikon D90 with kit lens (introduced 4 years ago)

Image 2: Samsung Galaxy S2 (introduced 1 year ago)

Image 3: Canon IXUS 50 (introduced 7 years ago)

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just don't let your wife or mine have this information.!!!!