Friday, December 21, 2012

Review of Panasonic LX7 - Part 1

So far so good.... I have got my Panasonic LX7 for four days now. I am testing out the images to see if it meets my needs for lightweight travel photography. (I've decided to go on my next trip with minimum photography gear)

Tested out the LX7 for low light photography. The subject is visible with a bit of light coming from other rooms. I compared the LX7 against the Samsung S2 smartphone, which normally takes "good enough" photos in restaurant lighting. All imahes were shot handheld in fully automatic mode, without a flash.

Verdict: The LX7 is outstanding in comparison with the other two. The S2 has dropped the ball on this one. The very old Canon IXUS 50 is unsurprisingly just as bad.

Panasonic LX7
ISO 400
1/6 sec

Samsung Galaxy S2
ISO 400
1/17 sec

Canon Ixus 50
ISO (not registered)
1/8 sec

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