Friday, December 21, 2012

Review of Panasonic LX7 - Part 2

This time I want to see how well the Panasonic LX7 does in zoom. The LX7 has a 3.8x optical zoom, which can "zoom" a further 2x in digital zoom, giving it the 35mm equivalent of 180mm lens. The result is very satisfactory.

Here are the images taken in my garden with receding daylight in my garden. The first image is shot wide open at 24mm. The second is shot at full optical zoom. The last is shot at the full optical+digital zoom, giving the equivalent of roughly 8x. The last image is shot at 1/125s, ISO 125. All three images were shot handheld in fully automatic mode.

Verdict: The zoomed-in image is sharp, in focus, and well exposed.  



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