Saturday, May 11, 2013

Digital photo frame app

When the digital photo frame was first introduced about a decade ago, I really thought it was a great idea. It can continuously display a set of images, perhaps even accompanied by soft background music. It saves the trouble of making prints and hanging up pictures. Speaking as a photographer, I thought that was a must-have accessory. As it turns out, I have never found it compelling enough to buy one even as the prices keep coming down and the display quality keeps getting better.

Last night, while fiddling with my newly updated Android OS, I was intrigued enough to try out the in-built Picture Frame app on my Galaxy phone. It wasn't to my satisfaction. So I did a search on Google Play and installed the free Animated Photo Frame app. It has just the features I like:

o You can launch the widget and have it permanently displayed fully on a screen.
o While fully displayed, you can play it in slideshow mode or manually click to change.
o You can select and change albums anytime.
o You can shuffle the images to display.

Just a word of caution when you install this. You need to restart your Android once immediately after installation for the app to appear.

Now I can enjoy viewing my own photo gallery each time I take out my smartphone. I really don't need a regular digital photo frame to put on public display. This one is for my own personal enjoyment.

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