Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Do you consume or create

The iPad started an era of unparalleled content consumption. Prior to the iPad, computers were mainly used for work or for creative activity. Content consumption, so proudly heralded by Steve Jobs with his iPad, is in my opinion a bane to mankind and should be reckoned with.

I still like my desktop PC. When I am at my desktop, most of the time I am doing something I consider a productive use of time. I might be researching into a subject, working on my images, paying bills and filing up the paperwork, or writing a blog as I am doing now.

On my smartphone, I find I am mostly squandering away time. I might be reading snippets of news, or the-mostly unsolicited emails from companies that I once bought something from; or deleting off those email "invitations" from friends who apparently do not have the faintest idea they were sending out invitations for me to join their social group (there should be a law against this!).

What about you? Are you a content creator or are you endlessly consuming content on the internet? If you are heavily on the content consumption end of the scale, beware that content consumption works in a self-feeding  vicious cycle. The more you indulged, the more you crave. Think about what better things you could be doing with your time.

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