Sunday, August 4, 2013

View DSLR images on your Android

Here is an easy way to use your Android device to view images captured with a normal camera. You just need an OTG cable (see image below. You can get one for as little as AUD$1 on eBay). You would also need a card reader.

There are several image viewer apps you can use. I use the built-in "My Files" app. This app helps you to navigate around files and folders like you are used to on a PC. You can download any image from the USB/OTG-connected storage, and then "share" it via Gmail, Facebook, etc; or download selected images on to your Android.

Here is the step-by-step instruction. Remove the memory card from your camera and plug it into your card reader. Use the OTG cable to connect the card reader to your Android device. Open up the "My Files" app and click on the USB folder. You can now start to view your  images.


Gary Foo said...

This is a great accessory for Android. Got it a while ago a loved it. No more desk top. Just got my Xperia Z and love it. Go Android.

YM said...

I think Steve Jobs made a bad call when he decided against providing a USB-linked storage for the iPhone and iPad. It is not quite the same to have only cloud storage. In this example (for viewing and publishing images on the go), you cannot quite do it without the USB port. In this instance, Android wins.