Friday, July 3, 2009

A grateful heart

At the post office today, an elderly lady walked into the shop. She paid a bill and then left. However, she left her credit card wallet behind. When the next customer pointed it out to me, I quickly went after her. I saw a figure across the road that might be her. By the time the traffic light changed, she was already quite far off. She was a fast walker for her age! She had already gotten into her car by the time I caught up with her. Naturally she was pleased to get her wallet back. In the afternoon, she came back with a handsome gift (see picture below). A little note says: "With my very grateful thanks. Deirdre Lazarus".

I was really touched by her generous spirit. She might not know it, but she has something special inside her: a grateful heart. It must have taken her a lot of trouble to get the gift. It was exquisite in taste, beautifully gift-wrapped, and accompanied by a thoughtful note. Surely it would have been less trouble for her to return for the wallet at some point, than to go through the trouble of thanking me with a gift. What a beautiful person.

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