Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photo book idea

I had a very interesting evening with a friend today. He showed me pictures taken in his travels, which he compiles into a scrapbook. However, instead of using a typical scrapbook, he organizes the photos into A4-size pages (several related photos on each page), prints them out, and binds them into a book using a ring binder. He compiles a photo book after each holiday trip abroad, and he has about ten photo books now to his credit. The pictures tell the story, according to my friend. He does include some narrations here and there, or a scanned picture of his visa, or newspaper clipping, etc. I thought it is such a practical idea and a wonderful way to show off the photos. They are like a personal photo journal. My friend acknowledges that not everybody is keen to go through his photo books, but they are very meaningful to him. I applaud him for his effort. I also think he has a good eye for travel photography. Well done!

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