Sunday, November 22, 2009

Government by Man, Mammon, or God

Basically the system of government throughout the world can be viewed in one of these three contexts: socialist, capitalist, or theocratic. It used to be that governments see themselves as provider of service and care for the people; i.e. the socialist context. Governments then acted in the interest of the general public, not Big Business.

As people became more and more materialistic, they allowed mammon to take over, in the name of capitalism (with controls given to Big Business). This is based on the over-simplified supply and demand theory. The supply and demand scenario is probably best exemplified by the new blockbuster movie called "2012" where one has to pay 1 billion euros to buy a place on the modern ark which is built to withstand the physical annihilation of planet earth. In a very capitalistic country, one's education and wellbeing depends on the ability to raise money.

A theocratic country is one where the country is governed by religious teachings. Unfortunately that too can be a problem if the religion teaches hatred and encourages its people to destroy anyone of another religion. Only God knows that human beings are not able to govern itself properly. The reason is simple: God gave mankind dominion over the earth, but He did not give mankind dominion over one another. Check with your pastor.

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