Saturday, November 14, 2009

Processed food

Here's a little "food" for thought. Two days ago I bought a packet of pre-marinaded fish and one of pre-marinaded octopus from a supermarket. I did not have time to cook and the items looked fresh and good. This is the first time I have bought pre-marinaded seafood. Well, they tasted fine, alright. However, my wife broke out in an allergic reaction the very night. And it was not due to the fish or octopus, as she have had those before. It must have been due to some chemical preservatives that have been added. If you care for your health, I think it is best to avoid all processed food that supermarkets love to sell. Even unprocessed food uses a lot of chemicals in the production process. Processed food is therefore much worse, especially processed seafood. One hard lesson learned. I shudder to think what sort of chemicals are routinely added to all our foods in the supermarket. No wonder supermarket chains in Australia are fighting for the right to open a pharmacy in the store.

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