Saturday, March 26, 2011

Club outing to Marysville

I wish I had seen Marysville before the big bush fire wiped it out two years ago, in an event remembered as Black Saturday. It is only a 75km drive from my house and is very well worth more than one visit. The town is rebuilding itself now. Beautiful deciduous tress have come back to life and the autumn season promises to turn the town into the colorful and charming place it once was, although minus all the quaint old buildings. Those have been razed to the ground. Some new buildings have come up and businesses are operating once more.

Marysville has a lot to offer to visitors. Just outside Marysville, one gets to enjoy the scenic landscape of pastureland on the rolling hills. Like Bright (another scenic town in Victoria), it has snow fields in nearby Lake Mountain for winter sports. At other times, one can visit the waterfalls, which is what our club did yesterday. A lovely river meanders slowly behind what was once the busiest part of the town. There is a spanking new caravan park just behind the new shopping center, with BBQ pits for families to enjoy a relaxing time away from home. I had a great time and I look forward to taking my family there to enjoy this beautiful place.

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