Friday, March 18, 2011

My hot water system

My hot water system broke down at about the same time the terrible earthquake in Japan struck. I first noticed water running down my driveway when I came back from work. One quick look at the water gushing out from inside the hot water system was enough to convince me it was time to have it replaced. As it happened on Friday evening of the Labor Day long weekend, I braved myself with cold showers for the next few days.

Going without hot water for a few days was a good experience for everyone, as we all agreed. Getting into the shower on a cold day had never been pleasant. The thought of feeling cold already sent shivers down my spine each time before I even removed my clothes. Things changed, however, as soon as we installed our new hot water system. It actually felt good to walk into the shower, with the knowledge and assurance that when I turn the tap I would get - voila - hot water! The colder the day is, the more I can now appreciate the warm showers of blessing!

Food for thought: the next time you don't enjoy your food, think about going on a fast. If you feel discontented with your house, go camping or sleep in a caravan for a while. Or if you think your car is not good enough, try walking or take public transport for a while. Life never feels so good as when you have experienced what it is like to go without.

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