Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photography market

Today is the first time I visited a photography market. It was definitely well worth the visit. I picked up a slide projector for song. This beauty is in brand new condition. I got it for just AUD$80. I tested it out just now and it works perfectly.

(I have wanted to get a slide projector for a long time, as I have lots of slides taken about 25 years ago. The slides are mouldy now but I can still enjoy them. It is like I have just taken them out of a time capsule, viewing them for the first time since I took them years ago. I have hesitated on buying a slide projector until now because I couldn't bring myself to pay a about $300 to purchase from a shop, knowing that I wouldn't be shooting anymore slides. However, at $80 a pop and with the trays thrown in, I couldn't resist taking it home.)

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