Monday, June 6, 2011

Beauty in simplicity

Sometimes I run out of inspiration when looking for things to shoot. At such times, I would be firing away at everything and shooting at nothing. I've really got to remind myself of a good tip I picked up at the VAPS Muster in Phillip Island last month. This guy who gave a talk on area photography is an editor of a local magazine. He showed some beautiful images that were very simple but effective compositions. For example, a closeup image of the water around a pier, with no beautiful sunset, but just swirling water.

This also reminds me of an article I read this morning on The Online Photographer. The writer says that nowadays with the zero cost of shooting additional images, we often lost sight of trying to capture something meaningful. We think nothing of firing away on the camera.

Here is one of the very few images I actually took on Phillip Island that is intended to capture something simple, rather than capturing a composition full of details.

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