Friday, June 24, 2011

Money transfers

Where I work, I have to do Western Union money transfers for people. I always feel touched when I see people transferring money to their family members back home. Some of them do so quite regularly. You can tell by the surnames if they are transferring to their family members. These people are making a sacrifice so that their folks back home can also enjoy a bit of the blessings they get in Australia. Many people work hard and they have high expenses here, but they still manage to save somthing for their folks back home. They care.

A girl in her early twenties was in today to transfer AUD$500 to another person of the same surname in Belarus. One African lady used to come in and she would send AUD$100 to one person, and another AUD$100 to another. She used to be a nurse in the UK before migrating to Australia. Quite often I see Indians and Sri Lankans come in to send varying amounts. I have also done transfers for people originating form various poor countries in Europe. Love and devotion to one's family cuts across all nationalities. I feel humbled.

As I do the money transfer for these people, my heart warms towards them. In each of them I see not a customer but a loving and beautiful human being. I can't help but quietly add my blessing to the gift they are sending.

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